Ariake Sangyo

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Bring Japanese taste
to the world

Our predecessors have a long tradition of adopting elements from a foreign culture and modify them to suitable for our purposes harmoniously. During the development of the country, the process of iitoko-dori which means takes and use good parts of other nations without any prejudices, and skillfully localized the products to fit local needs is adapts widely. The three most famous adaption are language, religion, and culture, Japanese whisky and cooperage industry are not out of the trend.

Oak barrel rooted in Europe for more than two thousand years, unlike wadaru (Japanese barrel made from sugi wood) the technique of making oak barrel only adapted to Japan less than a hundred years.

Japanese whisky makers have efficiently localized the oak maturation culture smoothly with local whisky and spreading the technique to local spirits like shochu and created our own identities. The fusion sublimated to a new level when we produce our Japanese taste with the native oak – Mizunara and create our unique Japanese whisky flavor, from Japan and made in Japan. Inheriting the innovation spirits Ariake cooperage is making our series of Japan taste to introduce to the world. The core of our identity base on our indigenous wood mizunara, hinoki, sugi, sakura and kuri.

428-2 Higashi Hishiyacho, Fushimi ku, Kyoto shi

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